Luano City Masterplan

Luano City Key Zoning

LUANO CITY: WORK, LIVE, SHOP, PLAY and FLY environment with so many exciting spaces for everyone.

Forum Properties Africa is a Private Equity firm with a unique approach to real estate investment.  We transform buildings into unique and dynamic environments. Our smart city called LUANO CITY in the DRC is only coming together now after 10 years on each of the proven mixed-use Precincts. The Team’s ability to create exciting spaces and focus on quality relationships are outstanding.  Many national and international companies have bought or leased from LGP with a strong future pipeline.

In smart cities people want to work, live, shop, play and fly – a place where they can walk easily and safely to their house, office, warehouse, shopping mall, restaurant or other amenities. This mixed-use concept with technology and exciting spaces has become a smart city called LUANO CITY.


A business premises says a lot about your business. Your office will sit on the “Golden Mile” within the “SMART” city where everyone can see your branding when driving to-and-from the international airport. Network with the many international & national companies that have made LUANO CITY their home. The right location and space (offices from 15 square meters and more) speaks volumes to your business partners and customers.

The Office Park offers a sustainable power supply and property management on par with international standards. Fibre internet solutions, back-up power, electrical security and many more makes efficiency so much better.


Our 1st class Bed and Breakfast is available from as little as $80/night. Our Flamboyant Housing and other housing estates makes it fun for running inside the developments, walking to your office and much more.


The Farmers Market Restaurant is available on your door step with fresh produce and meats daily.  An added service for peace of mind; indicate date of arrival and departure, and we will arrange transport to and from the Lubumbashi Airport at no extra cost.

Finally after some unforeseen delays it looks like the new Luano City Regional Shopping Mall is happening with an opening date of 1 December 2019.


Luano City is the place for new experiences, such as the Katanga Business Meeting in May 2018, the DRC Technology Start-up Event in September 2018 and the Agri & Transport Expo 2018 in October 2018.  Our weekly fun events at the Farmers Market Restaurant adds to the excitement.


Luano City is less than 1km away from the airport.  Leave from your Luano City office, Farmers Market Restaurant, house or B&B less than 30min before taking off on your national or international flight. You are saving time and money.

Our Facility Management Team is available 24×7 all year round for you to operate a successful business and stay in comfort… permitting you to focus on your business and getting rest.

We want to build lasting and memorable relationships and experiences for our clients.  We have carved out space for people to enjoy. We have sculpted a happy place for you. Your safety is also of chief significance. Encounter the leisure of not having to leave LUANO CITY.

Relax, you are at home…

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LUANO CITY, a $ 2 billion investment with the vision and expertise of FORUM PROPERTIES, will soon become a lifestyle landmark – an urban environment that considers every aspect of modern life and business.