Luano City Masterplan

Phase 1 of LUANO CITY ESTATE consisting of 2&3 bedroom houses (House G1 – 16 ) is ready for the new tenants. The construction is finished and the houses are all ready 90% occupied!

Space at LUANO CITY OFFICE PARK is now available for both sales and lease. You can rent an office starting with 20 sq meters.

New customers are inquiring daily about space at the INDUSTRIAL PARK,where construction has already started.

SHOPPING MALL will be ready in 2019. Tenants are booking their spaces now.

LUANO CITY development concept, located in Lubumbashi, the second largest city of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), was born from the desire to provide a unique perspective on the DRC market; a comfortable lifestyle, modern work space solutions, shopping mall experience and access to contemporary industrial park.

Just a short drive from the city centre and only minutes from the Lubumbashi airport, the project is being developed in stages on a 220 hectare site of prime, litigation-free land that is zoned for mixed-use.

At LUANO CITY we are all about understanding the needs of the people we build homes and create commercial and office spaces for. We go beyond simply meeting your needs. We offer you comfort, safety and, through LUANO CITY FACILITIES property management services, we cater to your every need so that when you cross LUANO CITY gate you can simply relax. We will take care of all the rest.

Relax, you are at home…

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LUANO CITY, a $ 2 billion investment with the vision and expertise of FORUM PROPERTIES, will soon become a lifestyle landmark – an urban environment that considers every aspect of modern life and business.